Production Industry - Printing Machine

The dataset provides log data from production industry, in particular from offset printing machines. The log data are simulated by mimicking algorithms. An offset printing machine consists of

  • a feeder, where the paper is feed to the machine and the machine is adjusted towards the material used
  • some printing units, the number of them depending on the number of colors used within the printing process optional coating unit for the final finish and
  • the delivery system as the final destination where the products are stacked

Each of the units themselves consists of a number of sub-systems. All of them are monitored via a number of sensors measuring e.g. temperature, voltage, cylinder mileage, pressure and other measures.

The main purpose is to detect malfunctions and predict conditions in running printing machines. The task consists of parsing and extraction of information from daily log files and analyse that data streams with use of stored historic data.

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